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Motley Crue has confirmed that they will have one final farewell tour next year before saying goodbye to fans.  In an interview with "Billboard," Vince Neil says the group isn't using the term "farewell" loosely.  The frontman says they are planning "one more time around the world" next spring after which they'll "kinda call it quits." 

He says that it's "just that time" and the goal is to go out "on top" while they are still selling out arenas and stadiums.  Neil made a point to say that their farewell is "not gonna be a KISS farewell" and that it's "definitely for real."  But that doesn't mean they won't ever take the stage again.  Neil says that he's sure that five or ten years down the line, they'll "probably do something again together."

For now, fans can still look forward to their return to Las Vegas next month.  The group will be at the Hard Rock Hotel for twelve nights starting September 18th.

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