Forget the rumors about the Jags moving to London, or wherever!  Shad Khan and the Jaguars (along with the City of Jacksonville) just announced a $63 million dollar expansion of Everbank Field - and it's pretty cool!  Khan is calling it "the best gameday experience on planet Earth."

So what does "the best gameday experience on planet Earth" mean?  How about the addition of several CABANAS and SWIMMING POOLS at the stadium -- which you can see in the photo above if you look at the concourse below the video board. So bring your bathing suit!

This also means the elimination of the dreaded "tarps" that covered seats at Everbank and gave rise to the notion that the Jaguars couldn't fill a football stadium.

This sort of investment in the city of Jacksonville -- and from the city of Jacksonville -- should begin to quash the notion that the Jaguars are destined to move to London.

So what do you think?  Will a resort-style cabana and pool filled fan-zone make you more likely to head out to Jags games?