African Gray Parrot

If the story of Nigel the African Gray parrot can teach us anything, it's that a bunch of people apparently can't tell their own parrots apart.

A veterinarian in California was missing her own bird when she found Nigel the Parrot and mistook him for her pet. She soon realized her mistake, so she scanned Nigel's microchip to identify his rightful owner. The chip pointed her to a British man living in Torrance, California. 

This guy was understandably confused when a strange lady showed up and told him that she had found his bird because - get this - Nigel had actually been missing for four years at that point. Nigel's owner had probably assumed that poor Nigel had long since met an unfortunate fate.

That's where it gets fun, though; in the time Nigel spent away from home, he had totally lost his British accent and started speaking Spanish.

Bonus detail: the veterinarian, Dr. Micco, who found Nigel has reunited five parrots with their rightful owners, because people keep finding stray African Gray parrots and bringing them to her in response to her missing parrot ad.

I'm gonna just stick to cats, I think.

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