Some people like to play music in their spare time. Other people like to play sports or binge the latest Netflix Original Series when they get a few hours for leisure. I like to fall down endless rabbit holes of Tom Hiddleston interviews on YouTube. Everybody has their hobbies.

This guy, evidently, likes to pass the hours by making gross gelatinous potato spread out of spite. You know, for fun.

You can click through his photo gallery explaining the idea and process below, or if you just want to see the weird final picture, it's the first one:

I made jam out of Pringles

Here's a transcript of his explanation, if for some reason you can't just read it from the embedded imgur gallery.

What started it all

I bought some Pringles one day, and the seal on the can really bothered me.How the hell do you jam Pringles!? It's not like they make good guitar picks.The only logical conclusion, in my eyes, was to actually make jam out of Pringles, solely to spite whomever came up with this terrible slogan.

(I meant to do this a lot earlier but I kept eating the Pringles before I got the chance)

Everyone thought I was crazy

Half of my friends thought it couldn't be done, the other half thought it the work of the Antichrist.

Although, my grandma said it was an amazing idea, so I went through with it anyway.

Getting all set up!

[Picture] This was all that was required, and I only actually needed 1 can of Pringles.

Crushing them up

This part was a bit tedious, but it was all worth it.

Done crushing!

This is what one whole ~6oz. can of Pringles looks like crushed up in a bowl.

A little more crushing?

I felt the chunks of Pringles were a bit too big, so I decided to chop them up more in the blender, which I might have thought to use in the first place.This step was a tad unnecessary, since after adding water they soaked it up and became easier to blend together anyway.

Things have to get worse before they get better

[Pureeing the chips] was, to me the most disgusting part. The smell wasn't fantastic.

Adding in the pectin

Pectin is what is typically used in jams and jellies to thicken, and gelatinize them.

We have to cook!

After mixing in more water, I set it in a pot to boil.

After melting in the sugar

It started to lump up, and the smell of cooking Pringles filled the house.

Done boiling!

At this stage, I just needed to let it cool off a bit before putting it in a bowl.

And there we have it.

This is truly a moment to remember.

I tried a bit of it. It's sweet, and you can taste every aspect of the Pringles from the salty BBQ powder, to the oil-infused potato that makes up the chip we all know and love.

The proof is in the peanut butter.

On a peanut butter sandwich, as Jam should be. (with reddit proof)

So, um... that's what that is. Would you try it? I might. Maybe. Depending on how it smelled... and how much I was expected me to eat. 

That seems like the sort of thing that I wouldn't mind tasting but there's no way you're getting me to eat an entire sandwich worth of the spite jelly.

Photo modified from by goiwara via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain